The Essex County catering landscape for the perfect wedding has evolved in large part due to the efforts of License to Sear; who has consistently raised the bar by anticipating and fulfilling the dynamic needs of the modern client. Where other caterers are satisfied with the status quo, License to Sear goes above and beyond.

Our expertise and drive to create the perfect menu for each wedding places us at the pinnacle of Essex County catering companies, a distinction we maintain with pride and a focus on the needs of our clients.

License to Sear has a reputation for catering local weddings with a genuine passion for our product, a keen awareness of every last detail and the ability to adjust to any situation that may arise. We have worked enthusiastically to earn our position on the list of the best catering companies in Windsor and Essex County, and we will channel that same enthusiasm in ensuring your event is exactly as you envision it.


Our dedicated catering specialists are ready to answer any questions and oversee every aspect of planning, budgeting, personalizing and executing your wedding to perfection. Any dietary or allergy-related needs will be identified during the custom-menu selection process, and our expert catering staff will always be available to you, to address any and all inquiries and ensure your ultimate satisfaction.

Catering Service Types

Choose from any of our service styles,

  1. Buffet Service - most cost effective
  2. Family Style Service - Essex County favourite
  3. Sit Down Service - elegance at it's finest

License to Sear has a wide variety of Appetizers for your next event.

View Appetizers Menu

Extra services we offer

Bartending - $250/bartender (minimum 2 bartenders)

Bar Package - $15.99/person

Includes water, coke, diet coke, sprite, gingerale, cranberry juice, orange juice, assorted bubbly’s, soda/tonic water, Clamato and Caeser mix accessories., straws, napkins, plastic cups and shot glasses, ice, limes and lemons, 2 bartenders) DOES NOT INCLUDE SERVING BAR OR COOLING EQUIPMENT(fridge or ice bins)

Set up starts 1 hour before service. Anything needed to be cooled should be placed in cooler before arrival. Bartenders clean bar area and leave it as it was found. Tear down and storing of leftover liquor is responsibility of the guest.

Premium Bar Package - $19.99/person – Bar package + red bull, fresh juices, olives, grenadine, lime cordial, bitters, oranges,

Premium or Specialty Cocktails - $4.99/person (includes 2 signature cocktails – everything but the alcohol)

Servers - $150/server (require 1 server every 25 people or every 3 tables)

Each server has their own smart serve number and can responsibly serve alcohol to the tables if requested. Plated service typically requires 1 server for every table or 2 (about 12 guests).

Rentals - $1.50/item (this includes the removal of plates, napkins and cutlery from tables following dinner service.)

We will clear away unused glassware, however used glassware will be left on the tables for guests to use throughout the night.

Extra $500.00 for full table setup

Coffee and Tea - $3.99/person (includes coffee and tea station. Acorn and Oak coffee. Assorted teas. 2% Milk, Half and half, hot water, stir sticks, sugar packs, honey packs, paper cups, table and table cloth) NEED POWER FOR COFFEE

$7.99/person (includes table-side service with mugs, saucers and tea spoons)

Here's What You Need to Know!


  • Minimum of 50 people required to book an event
  • On-site fee is $49.99/hour
  • Eco-fee is $49.99/hour (ask us how you can supply power and save money)
  • Otherwise, gas fueled generator used to power the L2S trailer for the duration of your event
  • Parking area of 40ft x 10ft required to park truck and trailer
  • We require a standard garden hose connection within 100 feet of our food truck location
  • $500.00 non-refundable deposit required to secure the date
  • Gratuities added to invoice
  • We accept cheques, online transfers, cash and credit (3% charge applied)
  • Prices are subject to change


  1. Lindsey Joynson

    I was just wondering about getting a quote and deposit amount for a wedding on September 20, 2025.

    • License to Sear

      Hi Lindsey,
      Call us at (519) 400-8573, we’re more than happy to get back to you.


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